My code journey

- A working mothers journey to learn to code

Follow my journey, and learn with me!

This is my code journey, and I would invite you to travel with me! I have dabbled a tiny bit in code before, but now I have a purpose and am motivation to learn for real.

I'm still very much a newbie making this page and starting my blog. So I hope I can give you some clarity on material I cover in an understandable way as I learn it.

On this site i will share my blog with my experiences. There I'll tell you how I fail and succeed.I will also keep you in the loop what and how I'm currently learning. At last and maby most helpful: share recources I find useful while learning to code

So far I've covered some basic HTML, CSS, Python and just started on JavaScript.

I hope this page will change with me and become more dynamic and that I will be able to share recources that can help more people get into coding and web development. For now it's my playground to practice the things I learn, so hopefully it will eventualy look more proffesional, and less like the page I had on in 2001.

A picture of some code from my header