My code journey

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Why as a mother?

Is it important that I am a mother?
Yes and no, but having three children from 1-7 years old, sets some restrictions to my learning.

I don't have the economic advantage to quit my job and focus on my learning for x period of time. And a big chunk of the time after getting home is usually spent taking care of our kids and helping with homework, activities and so on. Just the task of making them go to sleep is.. well, if you're a parent, you know it may very well take all evening. Same goes for weekends, so to really learn i have to be very motivated to find some time for my passion

When I'm not "mothering" or coding I have a lot of hobbies. They tend to shift around, but in periods I knit, work out, game on my computer or console, spin yarn, dabble in electronics and make hair bows for my girls.

To learn more about my coding journey and less about me being a mother, head over to my blog.