My code journey

- A working mothers journey to learn to code -

Podcasts that speeded up my learning

I have discovered that podcasts really exists of everything I find interesting. After starting my second attempt of coding, after a few years non-existent trying, I just HAD to learn all around the clock! And what better way to use the time spent on commuting, making dinner and folding clothes than learn about a skill you want to learn?

That said, I couldn't possibly have learnt as much if not coding myself, on almost a daily basis. But the podcasts really help to fill out some blanks and there are SO many buzzwords in the coding community. Hearing about them in different settings, helped me get a grasp of them much sooner than without my commute- and clothes-folding friends.

Theese podcast helped me speed up

If you've discovered any great (newbie-)podcasts that's not on my list:
Give me a tip at @MarenLilleberre or and I'll check them out and add them to my list!